Do you remember the last time you started out in a wild adventure and you just felt ALIVE? Or when did you feel that impulse that pushed you to accept the challenges of your free and primal spirit? There is a place in the far corner of the Earth - a home for such a spirit - the wilderness of South America. These extreme landscapes have the charge of a mystical energy in their essence. Together with the human soul, this vibrant energy will transfer your abundance of spiritual vitality called LIFE.

Atacama Desert

In the Atacama Desert there are no flowers that bloom, insects that hum, or drops of rain falling. This is the place where the independent, the rebels, and the unrestrained hearts find the inner peace of the primordial spirit. Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the magnificent Andes Mountains, Atacama shows its mystic presence through the calm of its desert. Joining your own presence along with the silent silence of this realm, you will awaken your native blessing of spirit.


Let yourself in our hands in one of the most appreciated countries for its perfect turquoise waters for rafting. We propose 5 rivers springing out of the volcanic snow of the South American Anzi.

Bolivia and Peru (coming soon)

Work in progress. More details coming soon

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